Meet the Scholars

Participating in Global Fest 2013

by Nishat Tasnim, Mirabelle Arodi, Alviss Luu | December 9, 2013
UBC Global Fest 2 Okanagan

Global Fest is an opportunity to break stereotypes, provide new insight, and create a greater appreciation of multiculturalism here at UBC’s Okanagan campus.

Alumnus Chaya Go on Typhoon Yolanda

by May Anne Then | December 2, 2013
Chaya Go UBC Phillippines typhoon yolanda

Learn how International Scholar alumnus Chaya Go has been helping the typhoon Yolanada relief effort in the Philippines.

TEDx Terry Talks: Collaboration for Social Change

by May Anne Then | November 26, 2013
UBC International Scholars TEDx

May Ann Then reports on her fellow students’ presentation at TEDx Terry Talks.

Michael Mutiso: Learning about Leadership

by Nishat Tasnim | October 28, 2013

Michael hopes to be useful to other people and be a good steward of the planet through mindful leadership.

Joses Akampurira: Making the Transition to University Life

by Nishat Tasnim and Alviss Luu | October 15, 2013
Joses Akampurira - UBC International Scholar

Joses acknowledges that being a part of UBC means he has access to many opportunities and he feels very fortunate to call himself a UBC student.