Profile of Saad Rehman

by Michael Mutiso | May 23, 2014
UBC International Scholar Saad Rehman

Name: Saad Rehman

Hometown: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Program: Mechanical Engineering

Saad is a lively and amiable student who is proud to be a UBC International Scholar. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with him and get his thoughts on life and his values. We discussed everything from the upcoming World Cup to how his education prior to attending UBC has impacted his life and the lessons he has drawn from his experiences.

Saad feels fortunate to have received an education as he feels it has made him the person he is today. He nostalgically remembers his three years in Cadet College and explains that it influenced how he approached the rest of his high school career.

“The strict and disciplined nature of the school instilled in me a sense of discipline and purpose. I also learned the importance of service to others.” This culture of service, he says, led to some of the strongest friendships he has to this day.

These values are exemplified by his involvement on UBC’s Okanagan campus. Saad is passionate about international student engagement. After participating as an assistant in the Jump Start orientation (for new international and Aboriginal students) last summer, Saad went on to lead the School of Engineering’s orientation team at Create, the orientation program that ushers in over two thousand freshmen to UBC’s Okanagan campus each year.

Over the past academic year, he has served as an international peer mentor and is the vice president of the Pakistani Students Association. Looking forward, he aims to excel in his academics and enrich his university experience. He intends to continue in his role as a mentor and as a member of the Pakistani Students Association. He explains that the association was formed in order to challenge the homogeneous representation of Pakistan through critical dialogue and the showcasing of Pakistani culture during cultural events held on campus.

During his free time, Saad enjoys playing video games, catching up with friends, and keeping up to date with current affairs. His favourite quote is one by Alexander the Great: “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.” He draws inspiration from his mother and his late grandfather, a veteran colonel, both of whom encouraged him to be bold and courageous in life.