Starting a new year among the International Scholars

by Nishat Tasnim | September 16, 2013
UBC - International Scholars 2013 at Okanagan Campus

It’s the beginning of a new school year and our International Scholars family has expanded to include 19 individuals from many different parts of the globe.

Every year, International Scholars are invited to the Annual International Student Awards dinner in their honor to recognize their achievements. This year, the 4th Annual International Student Awards, held on September 12, welcomed four new International Scholars to our campus. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Deborah Buzzard addressed new and returning scholars as “intelligent individuals with the power to transform the world.” She encouraged the scholars to spread UBC’s core principles around the world as agents of positive change.

Present also at the dinner were this year’s selection committee for the International Leader of Tomorrow Award and Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award, in addition to many of our respected Deans, International Advisors, and members of the International Student Initiative teams at UBC. The room was alive with cheerful introductions, laughter, great conversations, and bright-eyed International Scholars proudly bearing their name-tags. The evening was an opportunity to share a lovely meal together, learn about each other, and express gratitude.

International Scholar Aaron Clements summed up the night perfectly with his final vote of thanks:

“I think I echo the sentiments of all the current award winners when I say thank you to everyone who helped us get here, and to everyone who is currently looking after us. You have had a huge effect on our lives.”

All in all, the Awards Dinner allowed the community of International Scholars to feel inspired and motivated to take on a new academic year as active and engaged members of our close-knit community, here at the Okanagan campus.